2023 IRS Standard Mileage Rate

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The IRS has released information regarding standard mileage for the year 2023. This article provides a brief summary of key points from the IRS-released information. We hope that this information will help you properly record your mileage and properly expense it.

Do you know how to calculate expenses for vehicle travel in the U.S.?

In the U.S., where travel by car is considered essential, it is common practice to record vehicle travel and calculate and record expenses using the standard mileage rate published by the IRS (U.S. Internal Revenue Service).

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What is the IRS Standard Mileage Rate?

Each year, the IRS sets a standard amount for how much a mile costs a vehicle based on statistics on the cost of owning and operating a vehicle in the U.S. in the previous year.

When a vehicle is used for business, medical, moving, or charitable purposes, we keep track of how many miles the vehicle was driven from where to where and for what purpose, and multiply the cost by the rate for that year.

Also, when you travel in a vehicle for a client and claim the expense, you can use this rate to calculate the expense as a legitimate amount as determined by the federal government.


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2023 IRS Standard Mileage Rate

The rates for FY2023 are as follows

  • Business: 65.5 cents/mile
  • Medical/moving: 22 cents/mile
  • Charity: 14 cents/mile

(Reference: IRS Release

If you are preparing miles for your 2022 tax return, please note that the standard mileage rate for 2022 has changed between the first and second halves of the year.

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